Masonry Veneer & Paver Installation System


VBM VP Advantages

VBM-VP Advantages

MAC and VBM Advantages


Long Term Performance
History has proven, inorganic masonry veneers and pavers have life expectancy of not 15-25 years but 50-100 years and longer.  The VBM-VP Installation System is composed predominately of polymer modified inorganic mortars.  These enhanced mortars provide the long-term life expectancy of the masonry units being installed.  We do offer organic components to the system but they are reserved for special applications requiring elastomeric properties.


Water Protection
Efflorescence Control – Freeze/Thaw durability

From top to bottom VBM-VP Installation Systems improve the water resistance of the entire masonry assembly. All VBM Bonding Mortars and Mac Joint Grouts have some efflorescence reducing properties.  Most are highly water repellent and provide excellent efflorescence reduction.  The high water repellency of the bonding mortars and grouts significantly improves the durability of the entire masonry assembly.


Color Matters

The joint grout/pointing mortar color and texture have a significant effect on the overall appearance of all masonry veneer and paver installations.  We offer a broad selection of standard colors and unlimited special orders.  The VBM-VP System includes joint grouts / pointing mortars with course masonry sand and fine silica sand.  All of our products include efflorescence reducing additives and most are highly water repellent.  They combine high strength, durability, and low shrinkage for a wide variety of joint sizes and conditions.