Masonry Veneer & Paver Installation System

Joint Grouts

Wide Joints  (1/4” – 4”)

Mac Bag Joint Grouts

Mac Mortar–Premium
A premium quality, polymer modified, Type S masonry mortar designed for joint grouting applications of masonry veneers and pavers.  The polymer modification provides added flexural bond strength, low shrinkage, stain resistance, efflorescence protection and water repellent properties.  It is recommend for the most demanding application conditions.  All Mac Mortars use coarser masonry sand.  It meets  ASTM C-270* -Type S – Properties Specifications.

Mac Mortar-Plus
A high quality, water repellent, Type S masonry mortar designed for joint grouting masonry veneers and pavers.  It is highly water repellent and provides excellent efflorescence reducing properties, stain resistance, compressing strength, and low shrinkage.  The water resistance also protects color integrity.  It is recommended for most veneers and pavers with pedestrian traffic and light vehicle traffic.  It meets ASTM C-270* Type S – Property Specifications. All Mac Mortars are made with coarser masonry sand.

Mac Mortar
A high quality masonry mortar meeting ASTM C-270* Type S – Property Specifications.  It does not have the high level of water repellency of Mac Mortar-Plus but still includes efflorescence reducing properties.  Mac Mortar has good work ability, strengths, and low shrinkage.  It is recommended for most veneers and paver applications with pedestrian or light vehicle traffic.  All Mac Mortars are made with coarser masonry sand.

Narrow Joints  (1/8” – 5/8”)

VP Joint Grout – Premium
VP Joint Grout
Are high quality, polymer modified cement mortars for joint grout applications requiring a fine sand (1/8” – 5/8”).  VP Joint Grout-Premium has the highest level of polymer modification and is recommended for the most demanding applications – pavers with vehicle traffic.  Premium offers the greatest water repellency and efflorescence protection.  Both Products provide a high strength, low shrinkage, and stain resistant joint grout.  For greater stain resistance and flexural  strength, part or all of the mixing liquid may be replaced with R-AcrylicAd.  VP Joint Grout meets the compressive strength requirements of ANSI 118.6 and VP Joint Grout-Premium meets the requirements of ANSI 118.7 – Compressive strength and water absorption.