Masonry Veneer & Paver Installation System

Bonding Mortars

Medium – Thick Bed

VBM-Poly 500
A premium quality, medium-thick bed, polymer modified bonding mortar exceeding the shear bond strengths and the freeze thaw requirements of ANSI 118.4*. It also meets ASTM C270*-Type S-Property Specifications. It provides exceptional non-sag, tack, bond strengths and is highly water repellent. VBM-Poly 500 is recommended for the most demanding projects, especially paver installations with vehicle traffic.

VBM-Poly 300
A high quality, polymer modified, medium-thick bed bonding mortar. It meets ASTM C270* Type S – Property specifications and the shear bond and freeze thaw requirements of ANSI 118.4*. It has great non-sag, high bond strengths and good water repellent properties. It has slightly lower bond strengths, tack and water repellent properties than VBM-Poly 500 but far exceeds the requirements of most projects and is the work horse of the polymer modified medium-thick bed bonding mortars.

A polymer modified medium-thick bed bonding mortar for Large Format Tile, stone and  similar veneers and pavers. With water retention and tack similar to thin set mortars,  it can be used for thin and medium to thick bed applications. It has exceptional non-sag properties.  VBM-Poly LFT meets ASTM C-270* – Property Specification and ANSI 118.4* shear bond requirements. VBM-Poly LFT is less water repellent than VBM-Poly 300 or 500 but still provides water and efflorescence resistance properties.

Our most economical medium-thick bed bonding mortar. It meets ASTM C-270*-Property Specifications and ANSI 118.4*- Shear bond requirements. The bond strength is typically stronger than the substrates. Although not as water repellent as the poly VBM products, it does contain efflorescence reducing properties. It has excellent non-sag, bond strengths, lower shrinkage and workability. It is recommended for moderate usage conditions.

Thin Bed

A premium quality, polymer modified thin set bonding mortar with exceptional non-sag, water repellent and high bond strengths. VBM-Bonder exceeds ANSI 118.4* shear bond strength and freeze thaw requirements. It is suitable for installation of a wide variety of large masonry veneers and pavers in heavy duty environments. The tack, bond strength and impact resistance make it the preferred bonding mortar in high traffic or extra heavy duty requirements.

VBM-Poly ThinBrick
A polymer modified thin set bonding mortar with good non-sag, moderate water repellent properties and high bond strengths. The polymer modification, bond strengths and water repellent properties are lower than VBM-Bonder, however, it still far exceeds the shear bond strength requirements of ANSI 118.4*. It is recommended as an economical bonding mortar for thin brick and similar masonry and tile veneers.

VBM-Thin Set
Our most economical polymer modified thin set bonding mortar.  The bond strengths exceed ANSI 118.4*.  It has excellent non-sag properties.  Bond strengths are typically stronger than the substrate or veneer.  The water repellent properties are less than VBM-Bonder and VBM-Poly Thinset but it still contains efflorescence reducing properties.